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Republic of Kazakhstan pays a special significance to international partnership in the area of use and protection of transboundary rivers water resources.

Kazakhstan is an active supporter of solution of all the existing problems on transboundary water resources in accordance with the international legal norms.

All the existing or arising problems are solved by the means of constructive dialogue. With these aims during the long times Kazakhstan cooperates actively with all the contiguous countries within the context of multifaced mechanisms of partnership, bilateral committee and working teams. Kazakhstani parties regularly participate in significant international conferences, seminars and forums. Astana is the participant of several international conventions and agreements on nature protection that involve transboundary water problems.

In particular, Kazakhstan joined the Convention on environmental impact assessment in transboundary context, Convention on transboundary waterways and international lakes protection and use, Convention on wetlands that have international value mainly as a habitat for swimming birds.

A close working cooperation in transboundary water resources has been established with various international organizations such as UNECE, UNRCCA, OSCE, World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, ESCAP. Despite the fact that there is no common border, Kazakhstan is actively practicing water partnership with EU, USA and other countries.

International organizations such as German society on international partnership (GIZ), Swiss agency on development and cooperation (SDC), International bureau on water resources (IOW), USA Agency of international development (USAID) and other state and nongovernmental organizations of foreign countries provide Consultative and donor assistance in realization of joint projects in Central Asia’s territory.