Kazakh Invest presents the latest investment project monitoring system

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) information monitoring system was developed by Kazakh Invest as a platform for effective and transparent invest project management, as well as for making management decisions on the basis of automated monitoring of the key indicators.

"Its main goal is to ensure the full implementation of all initiatives of investors. Now Kazakh Invest has over 200 projects. We see that about 100 projects are in the active phase. This system will clearly see where, at what stage, who is the executor, how the state can help. The system will not allow any initiative or project to fall out. Every project should be brought to the end," Yerlan Khairov said in his welcome speech.

The system will be accessible to employees of Kazakh Invest, Kazakh and foreign investors and entrepreneurs. It contains complete, reliable and up-to-date information about investors, investment projects, production sites and inquiries of potential investors.

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Invest NC Birzhan Kaneshev spoke about the key tasks of the CRM system: "The new system will provide a multilateral exchange of data that will effectively manage the process of attracting investments and monitor progress continuously. Also, general access to active projects, reference and marketing materials will be provided, information exchange and coordination will be accelerated."

According to him, digital technologies play an increasingly important role in the development of the country's economy. Progressive development of the country's digital ecosystem will serve sustainable economic growth and increase the competitiveness of the economy as a whole.

"The launch of the CRM system is the contribution of Kazakh Invest to the implementation of the country's digital economy. This system will serve as a tool for automating the workflow. As the Head of State noted, we must show that all conditions for investors are created in Kazakhstan. In this regard, the implemented system will be a significant signal for the community of world investors about enhancing the transparency and effectiveness of supporting investment projects in Kazakhstan," B. Kaneshev added.
At the same time he spoke about the prospects for the near future: "Next year Kazakh Invest plans to integrate CRM system with similar systems of state bodies of Kazakhstan in the framework of digitization."

One of the creators of the system – Galym Tolebayev, the Chief Manager of NC Kazakh Invest, told the participants in detail about the project, presented the capabilities of CRM and the potential for improving the system.

"This will be a Roadmap for investment projects in Kazakhstan. It will represent an online platform with separate "offices" for investors, regional representatives, employees of central government agencies and LEB. The system will generate online reporting, thereby reducing the labor costs of employees, and, as a result, monetary costs," G. Tolebayev said.

Undoubtedly, the main effect that the creators expect from the introduction of the system is an increase in the volume of investments in the country.

As G. Tolebayev noted, leading world information systems were tested before creating their own CRM.

"But for this specific work we needed our own system – easily adaptable, easily integrable. There is no similar system in the world now. This is a unique system, which we created completely by ourselves. Its feature is that we can easily supplement modules, integrate with various information systems. Kazakhstani suppliers and companies were involved in its development. This is a program with 100% local content," G. Tolebayev said.

Also, within the framework of the event, those who wish could test the system and get answers to the questions of interest.

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