The exhibition “Gold of the Great Steppe” will be held in Moscow

There will be the exhibition "Gold of the Great Steppe" in Moscow since 2 till 20 March.

The masterpieces of jewelry and the secrets of mounds and necropolises ... The exhibition "Gold of the Great Steppe" takes you 2500 years ago, when the royal persona did not die, but went to eternal rest in their underground palaces.

Unique burial mounds are located in East Kazakhstan. They are called the Berel Valley of the Kings. During the excavation of the Berel kurgans, archaeologists discovered unique burials, which even after two millennia well preserved organic matter. Ornaments, horse equipment, images of an ancient person appear before us like puzzles of some ancient fairy tale.

At the exhibition "Gold of the Great Steppe" you will see the reconstruction of the horse and horse equipment, as well as the Golden Man, restored by artists and restorers. Numerous decorations, made in a unique technique, incomprehensible even in our time of high technology. Swords and daggers, busts of ancient people and tools of labor - all this carries along a barely perceptible thousand-year-old wind.

We invite not just to the exhibition. We invite you to a parallel world discovered by Kazakhstani scientists. And this world is beautiful!

The exhibition "Gold of the Great Steppe" will be located in the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia at the address: Tverskaya street, 21.

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