​New joint initiative of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Anti-Corruption Agency

NUR-SULTAN, July 12, 2019 - As part of the Adaldyk Alany project, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, in cooperation with the Anti-Corruption Agency of Kazakhstan, is consistently working to reduce the risk of corruption when government officials travel abroad.

There are cases when representatives of state agencies, traveling on business trips outside Kazakhstan, apart from fulfilling their direct duties, are active in learning the traditions of a country, its cuisine and history, and ask representatives of Kazakhstan's diplomatic missions to organize cultural programs for them. This has included visiting shopping centers, restaurants and other local attractions. Besides the fact that it draws diplomats away from their regular work, it often also imposes a financial burden on the budget of foreign missions, which is a serious violation of the Code of Ethics for Civil Servants.

From July 15, 2019, the Foreign Ministry of Kazakhstan will apply the condition that, when receiving funds for foreign business trips, all civil servants travelling abroad will be required to read the Rules of Behavior of Civil Servants on Business Trips and Other Trips Outside the Permanent Dislocation for Business Purposes developed by the Anti-Corruption Agency of Kazakhstan.

The rules outline the basic norms of conduct expected of civil servants; including exemplary behavior, refusal to visit places of entertainment, and coverage of all expenses only by travelling allowance. A letter was sent to all foreign missions of Kazakhstan, requiring them to immediately report all violations of conduct by civil servants on foreign business trips to the Anti-Corruption Agency.

These measures are aimed at a wider application of the Code of Ethics and the reduction of corruption in public service.

Created at : 12.07.2019, 16:45, Updated at : 12.07.2019, 16:45