Kazakh diplomats congratulated Russian colleagues for their professional holiday

The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Russian Federation prepared a video in which they congratulated their Russian colleagues on their professional holiday, Diplomatic Worker Day, which is celebrated annually on 10 February.

Video master class tells how to make a stylish greeting card. The staff of the Embassy of Kazakhstan used simple materials in combination with the original idea. The result was a card that everyone can make and which can be presented on this day to those who guard the diplomatic interests of the country.

The Day of Diplomatic Worker was established on October 31, 2002 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The choice of the date for the celebration of the Day of the diplomat is explained simply - on February 10, 1549, the earliest documentary mention of the embassy order of the Russian kingdom is dated. The ambassadorial order is the first state structure in the history of the country that was in charge of foreign affairs, although, of course, the age of the Russian diplomatic service is much older.

Created at : 10.02.2019, 09:15, Updated at : 10.02.2019, 10:15