The action "Kazakhstan bread for besieged Leningrad" was held in Moscow on Chistoprudny Boulevard

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad, the staff of the Kazakh Embassy in the Russian Federation distributed 872 baursaks.

It is estimated that rural workers of Kazakhstan during the war years supplied the country with 5,829 tons of bread. After 75 years, we want to honor the memory of those who, along with the fighters of the front, worked for the good of the Victory. On the day of the lifting of the blockade of Leningrad, which lasted for 872 days, the staff of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Russia distributed 872 Kazakh baursaks as a symbol of cohesion, wealth and respect.

In 2018, a similar action in honor of the day of lifting the blockade of Leningrad was held in St. Petersburg. We treated Petersburgers to Almaty apples. Today we invite Muscovites to share bread with us.

We were all equal then before bread (N. Dobronravov)

Sharing bread with loved ones is an ancient Kazakh tradition. Nomadic people have always been not only hospitable, but also generous. In the days of the Great Patriotic War, the mother of the golden grain fields - the Kazakh land - supplied the front with grain, flour and bread. The occupied territories could no longer supply a sufficient amount of products, and Kazakhstan became one of the regions on which the burden of solving the food problem lay. The construction of food enterprises on the basis of equipment, exported from the occupied cities, was launched here.

Every pood of bread is a shell for the enemy

The northern and southern regions of Kazakhstan are at the frontline pace. Day and night there was a real battle for bread. "Every norm, every pood of bread is a shell over the enemy." "All the forces to help the front" - that was the motto of the rear guardsmen. The first two-hundred and three-hundred employees appeared, raising production output by 200-300%, guards, front-line units and brigades. Only in 1941, the collective farms of the Kazakh SSR surrendered to the bins 23 million 745 thousand pounds of grain.

* The action "Kazakhstan bread for besieged Leningrad" is being held with the support of the Baursak network of Kazakhstan goods stores. Store manager Elena Kondakova gladly supported our idea and provided us with the necessary number of baursaks. We invite Muscovites and guests of the city to the shop "Baursak", where you can find not only pastries and dishes of Kazakh cuisine, but also everything you need for the festive table, and for daily consumption.

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