Military education in Kazakhstan

Understanding the importance of the availability of qualified specialists, as well as the training of own competitive personnel, since the creation of the Armed Forces special attention has been paid to the development of military education. As a result, within 25 years a national military training system has been formed in Kazakhstan, which meets the prospects for the development of the Armed Forces. The system provides a continuous educational process and covers five levels provided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About education". The levels are a secondary education, technical and professional education, high education - bachelor's degree, postgraduate education – master`s degree and PhD degree, as well as additional education - military faculty education, retraining courses and advanced training.

Secondary education is provided by the so called "Zhas Ulan" National military schools in Astana, Almaty, Karaganda and Shymkent cities. Technical and professional education – by the Cadet Corps School which prepares junior commanders. The creation of the School by Supreme Commander-in-Chief, the President of Kazakhstan marked the beginning of the formation the institution of sergeants in the Armed Forces. This institution corresponds to analogues in the advanced armies of the world.

Within 20 years of its existence, the Cadet Corps School has carried out 18 releases of graduates. The School prepared 2,700 professional sergeants for the Armed Forces and has its firm state within the system of military education. The graduates of the Cadet Corps School are holding various positions in the Armed Forces, acting as the commander`s assistants.

The specialists of almost all services and branches of the Armed Forces are trained in three military higher educational institutions.

The Military Institute of the Land Forces is the main institution training military personnel for the Land Forces, the most numerous service of Kazakhstan Armed Forces. More than 70% of the junior officers are alumnus of this institution. A total number of 12,600 officers graduated from the Institute, 7,300 of them after the independence of Kazakhstan, 67 graduates were awarded the military rank of general and hold leading positions in the Armed Forces.

In order to train specialists for Air Defense units, signals, automated command and control systems, information (cyber) security there is the Military Engineering Institute of Radio Electronics and Communications. The Institute prepared more than 1,000 officers in 10 specialties.

The Military Institute of the Air Defense Forces holding the name of twice Hero of the Soviet Union Talgat Begeldinov is a central institution preparing pilots and engineering-technical specialists not only for the Air Force, but for the aviation units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Security Committee of the Kazakhstan. The Institute has prepared more than 1,900 pilots and engineers.

The Supreme Commander-in-Chief pays his special attention to the training of military personnel. In this regard, in the country was created a unique institution – the National Defense University named after the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the Leader of the Nation.

The University is an interdepartmental educational and methodological center, where the postgraduate education is represented by research and educational, masters and PhD studies for the operational-tactical and strategic levels of command.

The University is annually preparing more than 100 officers including future generals. Every year more than 2,000 servicemen and civil personnel of the Armed Forces and other military formations are being trained through the system of course training. The National Defense University also includes the faculty of the National Guard, the faculty of the Border guard service of the National Security Committee, this year the faculty of the State Security Service will be created. The University is recognized by the world's leading universities and is accepted into the Oxford community and the Eurasian Association of Universities.

The military personnel of Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Armenia are being trained in all our military institutions, which proofs the high level of military education in Kazakhstan. A total number of 370 servicemen from the CSTO member states completed their training there.

At the same time, in order to exchange experience, 410 of Kazakhstan servicemen are being trained in foreign military institutions of Russia, China, USA, etc.

Big attention is paid to the training of the military reserve cadre. Their training is conducted at 29 military faculties of civil institutions for the 70 military specialties. Annually the military faculties train more than 3,700 reserve officers.

In addition to professional education, retraining courses and advanced training courses for servicemen and civil personnel are also provided in military institutions of Kazakhstan.

The head of state mentioned that "Kazakhstan has become one of the few states where a full cycle of military personnel training has been created - from the primary sergeant level to the generals in various military specialties."
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