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Information about E-visa of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On January 1, 2019 the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced a pilot project procedure for obtaining a single entry visa for foreigners in electronic format.

An electronic visa (business, tourist and medical treatment categories) is being issued in accordance with a valid invitation from the Kazakh side, considered by the migration service units of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the established procedure.

For reference: the Rules for issuing invitations, approving invitations for entry of foreigners and stateless persons to the Republic of Kazakhstan, issuing, cancelling, restoring visas to the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as extending and reduction their validity terms, approved by the Joint Order of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 11-1-2/555 dated November 24, 2016 and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1100 dated November 28, 2016.

Tourist electronic visas are issued to citizens of 117 states, business and medical treatment visas - 23 states (the list is attached).

Foreigners can enter/exit the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan using valid electronic visas only through the checkpoints of international airports of Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

The electronic visa is issued through the Visa and Migration Portal (

The electronic visa is valid only for the visa recipient, it does not apply to accompanying persons and is not extendable. In case of travel document (passport) replacement an electronic visa should be obtained again.

Paid consular fees are not refundable.

Passport provided by a visa recipient should meet the following criteria:

1) not to cause doubts about the authenticity and belonging to its owner, contain reservations, records, erasures and corrections, torn or embroidered pages;

2) to have at least 2 blank pages;

3) to expire not earlier than 3 months from the expiry date of the requested visa;

4) to have marks about extension of validity period.

If the discrepancy of information is determined in the issued electronic visa and travel document certifying the identity of the foreign citizen, the electronic visa will be considered invalid and may cause a denial of entry to the Republic of Kazakhstan.

When crossing the State Border of the Republic of Kazakhstan and during stay in the country, a foreign citizen should have a valid travel document (passport) and a printed electronic visa.

Foreign citizens who have valid electronic visas are exempted from registration in migration authorities.

The inviting persons inform the migration authorities about arrived foreigners within three working days.

Visa and Migration Portal

(step-by-step instruction)

- in order to obtain an electronic visa, a foreign citizen should register on the web portal (;

- to enter the section "electronic visa" and confirm existence of invitation;

- to study the requirements for obtaining an electronic visa;

- to enter the invitation number (sent by the inviting side in the Republic of Kazakhstan) and fill in the required passport details;

- after confirming the invitation, to verify and confirm the compliance of the information in electronic visa and travel document (passport);

- to pay consular fees online (after payment it's important to return to the personal cabinet of the Visa and Migration portal);

- to print an electronic visa (the visa is being formed at the personal cabinet);

- to present a printed electronic visa when passing through passport control at the international airports in Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

Annex 1

List of countries citizens of which may be issued an electronic single entry tourist visa to the Republic of Kazakhstan




4.Antigua and Barbuda






10. Belize

11. Benin

12. Bhutan

13. Bolivia

14. Botswana

15. Brunei Darussalam

16. Burkina Faso - Upper Volta

17. Burundi

18. Cambodia

19. Cameroon

20. Central African Republic

21. Chad

22. China

23. Colombia

24. Comoros

25. Congo (Republic)

26. Costa Rica

27. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

28. Cuba

29. Democratic People's Republic of Korea

30. Djibouti

31. Dominica

32. Dominican Republic

33. El Salvador

34. Eritrea

35. Ethiopia

36. Faroe Islands

37. Fiji

38. Gabon

39. Gambia

40. Ghana

41. Grenada

42. Guatemala

43. Guinea

44. Guinea-Bissau

45. Guyana

46. Haiti

47. Honduras

48. India

49. Indonesia

50. Jamaica

51. Kenya

52. Kiribati

53. Kuwait

54. Laos

55. Lebanon

56. Lesotho

57. Liberia

58. Liechtenstein

59. Macao

60. Macedonia

61. Madagascar

62. Malawi

63. Maldives

64. Mali

65. Marshall Islands

66. Mauritania

67. Mauritius

68. Micronesia

69. Montenegro

70. Morocco

71. Mozambique

72. Myanmar (Burma)

73. Namibia

74. Nauru

75. Nepal

76. Nicaragua

77. Niger

78. Nigeria

79. Oman

80. Palau

81. Panama

82. Papua New Guinea

83. Paraguay

84. Peru

85. Philippines

86. Qatar

87. Rwanda

88. Saint Kitts and Nevis

89. Saint Lucia

90. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

91. Samoa

92. San Marino

93. Sao Tome and Principe

94. Saudi Arabia

95. Senegal

96. Swaziland

97. Seychelles

98. Sierra Leone

99. South Africa

100.Sri Lanka






106.Trinidad and Tobago









115.Viet Nam



Annex 2

List of countries citizens of which may be issued an electronic single entry business and medical treatment visa to the Republic of Kazakhstan










10. Macao

11. Morocco

12. Vatican

13. Virgin Islands

14. Vietnam

15. Haiti

16. Cambodia

17. Cuba

18. Macedonia

19. Nicaragua

20. Oman

21. Serbia

22. South Africa

23. Montenegro

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