Military-industrial complex of Kazakhstan

The state takes effective measures aimed at further rearmament and modernization of existing weapon systems and military equipment.

The Land Forces have modern armored combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, including own produced “Arlan" armored wheeled vehicles, missile artillery armament, heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1 "Solntsepk", mobile communication systems, domestically produced radiation, chemical and biological defense vehicles, refueling vehicles, field hospitals ext.

The Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan received modern 4++ generation fighters Su-30SM, ones of the best in a class military transport aircraft C-295, helicopters EU-145, Mi-171Sh and attack and transport helicopters Mi-35M. In addition, Su-27 fighters went an in-deep overhaul to the 4+ generation.

The country has the longest maritime border of the Caspian sea. The National Navy was created and is being successfully developed. Nowadays the military ship construction industry is created in Kazakhstan. The Ural plant "Zenith" launched more than 25 different ships for the protection of the maritime borders.

The domestic company delivers three-axis radar "GM-403" Nur, which by its capabilities can replace 2 old model radars and by its technical characteristics exceed them by three times.

The special troops and logistic services equipment, different wheeled vehicles, infantry fighting vehicle canons and mortars are being purchased and go into service.

The formations and units of the Armed Forces receive various types of UAVs, including reconnaissance and attack UAVs, which are capable of delivering high-precision strikes with missile and bomb weapon systems.

The level of equipment of the permanent readiness units with the night vision devices has reached 84%, which allows conducting combat activities in night conditions.

Combat units and formations are equipped with new modern digital communication systems. Undoubtedly, new digital equipment and communication systems have raised the level of efficiency and operability of decision making process, such as the delivery of instructions and commands, data transfer, since the data transfer characteristics of the available communication equipment are very wide, it allows within short period of time to deliver command and the order, as well as in secured mode.

Nowadays Kazakhstan Army soldiers are equipped with modern means of protection, communication equipment, night vision devices and the best samples of small arms.

The modern Armed Forces of Kazakhstan meet the requirements for the Army of the 21st century.

Created at : 29.01.2018, 11:25, Updated at : 29.01.2018, 11:25