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Kazakhstan and Belarus

According to the statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus in January-June 2019 between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus trade turnover amounted to 481,1 million USD (which is 11,8% more than in the same period of 2018), imports of Kazakh products increased by 41.3 % and amounted to 77,4 million USD, and exports from Belarus to Kazakhstan increased by 7,5% to 404,4 million USD.
According to the statistics Committee of Kazakhstan in the period January-June 2019, the turnover of Kazakhstan and Belarus amounted to 344.8 million USD, exports from Kazakhstan to Belarus – 49.8 million USD, and imports to Kazakhstan from Belarus - 295 million USD.

A key element of the bilateral cooperation is Kazakhstani and Belorussian Joint Governmental Commission (JGC) on trade and economic cooperation which was established since 1996.

14th meeting of JGC was held in Minsk, November 26, 2018.

During that meeting the delegations of both countries discussed the current issues of implementation of the Road Map on development of trade and economic cooperation for 2017-2018 years likewise the process of operating and extension of assembling manufacturing, development of industrial cooperation and fulfilling a new project as well as continuation of cooperation in an agricultural, transport, logistic, cultural and humanitarian, aeronautical, healthcare spheres.

At the end of the meeting, were signed the action Plan for the development of cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2019-2020 and the JGC Protocol.

15th meeting of JGS will be held in the third quarter of 2019 in Kazakhstan.

The first meeting of Business Council between Foreign Trade Chamber of Kazakhstan and Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry took place on July 5, 2019 in Minsk.

The delegations discussed on further development of trade relations, during 3-5 July 2019 in Minsk, Kazakh food producers held a promotional tasting-exhibition goods such as pasta, stewed meat, confectionery, flour, juices,mayonnaise and ketchup.

Industrial cooperation is the most important area of bilateral cooperation.

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation 8 projects have been jointly implemented in this direction:

1. Carries out the production and service of quarry equipment "BelAZ" on the basis of LLP JV "Kazbelaz".

2. Production of combines on the basis of JSC "Agromashholding".

In January-March 2019, produced 30 harvesters in the amount of 1.65 billion tenge.

3. Production of tractors "Belarus" at LLP "SemAZ".

In January-March 2019, were produced 95 tractors in the amount of 593.4 million tenge.

4. Production of tractors " Belarus "on the basis of LLP"Composite Group".
In January-March 2019 produced 47 tractors in the amount of 329 mln.tenge.

5. Production of vehicles " MAZ "on the basis of LLP "Hyundai Trans Auto".

6. Production of agricultural machinery on the basis of LLP "Kazakhstan agro Innovation Corporation".

In January-March 2019 produced 203 units of equipment in the amount of 1090 million tenge.

7. Production of motor vehicles " MAZ "on the basis of JSC " Semipalatinsk machine-building plant".

8. The production of elevators on the basis of LLP "Elevator company "Alatau».

Cooperation in the field of transport

The process of integration of transport and logistics infrastructure of Kazakhstan and Belarus gives positive results. In 2018, there was a steady growth in the volume of both export-import and transit container transport by rail in the direction of China-Europe-China. For 2018, the volume of export and import goods between Kazakhstan and Belarus increased by 7.3% (76,13 thousand tons) and amounted to 1127,31 thousand tons (in 2017 - 1051,17 thousand tons). The volume of transit cargo carriages by rail Kazakhstan has increased by 6.4% (15,23 thousand tons) and amounted to 255,06 thousand tons (in 2017 - 239,83 thousand tons).

The parties are being taken measures to further develop cooperation in space activities. They established a joint Kazakh-Belarusian working group, which on a regular basis considers issues of cooperation in the space sector.

Bilateral documents on interregional trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation were signed during the interregional contacts.

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