Key directions of the Address given by the President to the people of Kazakhstan are discussed in Kyiv

On September 6, in Kyiv, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Ukraine Samat Ordabayev held a briefing for representatives of the expert and scientific community and media dedicated to the Address of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev “Constructive Public Dialogue – the Basis for Stability and Prosperity of Kazakhstan”. 

Head of the Diplomatic Mission of Kazakhstan presented the content of the Address in details, priorities and tasks of the further development of Kazakhstan stated by the Head of State. He specially highlighted that the leitmotif of the Address was to continuation of realizing the course of the Leader – the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to further increase of living conditions and well-being of to the people of Kazakhstan, preserving national unity and stability in the country.

Samat Ordabayev drew special attention to the concept of a State that Hears i.e. creating an effective mechanism for productive interaction between authorized bodies and single citizens as well as institutes of a civil society in general. ‘Only by the mean of a continuous dialogue between the government and society it is possible to build a harmonious state that blends in the context of modern geopolitics’, Ambassador quoted the Address of the Head of State.

The briefing participants highly estimated the Address. They noted the efficacy and consistency of the systematic transformations being carried out in Kazakhstan.

Professor of the National Academy under the President of Ukraine Oksana Parkhomenko-Kutsevil stressed that political reforms in Kazakhstan by formula the strong President – the influential Parliament – the accountable Government constitute the basis for a powerful and sustainable state.

Larysa Semaka, editor-in-chief of Ukraine Business, noted that the economy paragraph of the Address paid a lot of attention to social problems as well as the development of small and medium business. 

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