Legalization of documents abroad

Legalization of documents abroad

The duties on the legalization of documents abroad shall be carried out by diplomatic missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The list of documents required for the provision of public services upon application of the service taker (or his/her representative by proxy):

Application in optional form;

Identity document of the service taker (original and copy);

Document subject to consular legalization both in the original and notarized copies;

Original copy of the paper confirming payment of the consular fee;

Constituent documents (for legal entities);

Document confirming the power to act on behalf of the applicant, in case if the applicant can not appear in person.

In case if individuals, organizations and institutions submit for legalization any documents and acts drafted in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but not legalized in the Department of Consular Service, the consul shall send such documents and acts to the Department of Consular Service for authentication. Upon a positive response, the consul shall legalize such documents and acts in an ordinary manner.

In cases when the consul is doubtful about the compliance of the documents and acts submitted for legalization to the legislation of the receiving state, the consul shall ask the authorities of the consular district for an official explanation.

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