Cultural and humanitarian cooperation

Among the important priorities in the activities of the Embassy is the further development of cultural and humanitarian

cooperation, in particular, in the form of sharing experiences in such areas as culture, education, health.

Within the framework of the visit to Armenia by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.Muhamediuly, in 2014 a program for 2014-2016 was signed between the ministries of culture of the two countries. We note the poor execution of the Program in 2015-2016. Moreover, at the request of the Embassy, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan does not intensify efforts in this direction, referring to the lack of funding.

On October 14, 2016, during the meeting of the Heads of Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Armenia in Yerevan in order to strengthen cultural and humanitarian cooperation, the Kazakh side was invited to host the Days of Armenia in Kazakhstan in 2017, in conjunction with the opening of the Armenian Pavilion at EXPO-2017. The Embassy supports this initiative and considers it expedient to hold Days of Kazakhstan in Armenia in 2018.

An important direction of cultural and humanitarian cooperation is the strengthening of interaction between the two countries in the field of science and education, which is being developed within the framework of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Education and Science, signed in April 2010. In 2016, 28 citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan are studying at Armenian universities.

Cooperation between scientists of Kazakhstan and Armenia is developing, mainly in the field of socio-political sciences, history, ethnology and is carried out in the form of joint scientific research, conferences, seminars. A fairly stable interaction is observed between Yerevan State University and the Eurasian University, mainly in the form of student and master student exchange, as well as by young specialists from various medical institutions. The rest of the cooperation takes place in the majority on multilateral platforms and does not have purposeful efforts to develop bilateral relations.

The Embassy attaches importance to systemic work with representatives of the Armenian public, primarily in the person of well-known political scientists, experts in the field of social relations, journalistic community. So, on August 26 at the Embassy, a meeting with the most important experts of the host country helped to make a cut of public opinion, in which there are also negative assessments regarding Kazakhstan.Mainly, they are conditioned by our approaches to the two most urgent interests of the Armenian state and society: the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the acceptable status of Nagorno-Karabakh. Some steps of the Kazakh side in these two issues left ambiguous impressions in the local society, somewhere - an open protest. At the same time, such sentiments are characteristic not only for marginal and nationalist circles - but also for a broader sense of society.

Such conclusions are confirmed by the results of the meeting in the Embassy with the chief editors and heads of the leading media structures of the host country. Despite the predominantly positive tone in the editorial policy of the majority of the media present, the issue of the allied nature of the relations between Kazakhstan and Armenia and the obligations arising from them is actively raised by the participants in the meeting.

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