Afghanistan settlement

Kazakhstan’s stand on Afghanistan

Kazakhstan is interested in steady and stable development of Afghanistan from which territory threats of the international terrorism, illicit drug trafficking, religious extremism proceed.
Kazakhstan issues that world community and the UN are called up active and effective role in the process of political settlement and reconstruction of Afghanistan in close cooperation with the government of the IRA.
The Kazakhstan government supports efforts of Afghan Government directed on consolidation of the Afghan society and transformation of the country in the civilized democratic state.
Kazakhstan considers that parliamentary elections in Afghanistan held in 2005 have created conditions for transition of the state to the next stage of its development. After formation of parliament and local administrations the world community has carried out its obligations on rendering assistance to Afghanistan in restoration of legislative and executive branches of authority.
Kazakhstan supports the Contract accepted at the London conference on Afghanistan between the Government of Afghanistan and the international community, covering spheres of safety, social and economic development, an establishment of leadership of the law and struggle against drugs.
Our country subscribes to an opinion that the basic responsibility for the further reforms and an effective utilization of the external financial help should be entrusted to the Afghani government under strict monitoring of international community. The further development of the situation in Afghanistan, as before, will depend on qualitative involvement’s level of its basic participants, countries-neighbors and region as a whole into the process of reconstruction.
In this regard Kazakhstan advocates an active Afghanistan’s involving in integration processes in region, the strengthening of mutual economic and humanitarian cooperation, including the ways through stirring up of the Kazakh-Afghan intergovernmental commission’s activity, the promotion of Kazakhstan’s production and investments on the Afghani market, the training of the Afghani qualified experts in Kazakhstan in the fields of economy, industry, finance, transport and education.
Kazakhstan is providing assistance to Afghanistan on bilateral basis. Governmental Action Plan on assistance to Afghanistan for 2007-2008 has successfully been accomplished. Financial funding has been provided for construction of a variety of civil assets such as school in Samangan province ($160 000), hospital in Bamian province ($570 000), Kundus-Talukan asphalt road ($1 650 000. Overall $2,4 million has been transferred to the account of the Afghan Ministry of Finance).
Besides, 2 thousand ton of milling wheat has been provided as a humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. Up to now Afghanistan has received from Kazakhstan in general about 14.3 thousand tons of food assistance.
As a follow-up to the instructions of President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev the Government of Kazakhstan worked out an educational program for Afghan students and allocated for that purposes 50 million US dollars. In accordance with this program up to 1 thousand Afghans will be provided with higher education in Kazakh universities during the period from 2010 to 2020.

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