Kazakhstan - Malaysia

Kazakh-Malaysian relations are developing dynamically. Today successfully continues multilateral cooperation in the framework of regional and international organizations. The countries have a great potential for cooperation that predetermines similarity in the field of politics, economy and social-cultural development. Both sides are actively supporting each other in the implementation of the foreign policy initiatives.

Bolat Imanbayev is Ambassador of Republic of Kazakstan to the Malaysia since 2013.

Said Mohammad Bakri Said Abd Rahman is Ambassador of Malaysia to the Republic of Kazakhstan since 11th of April 2017.

Interaction between two countries is noted by the high level of mutual visits. At this time, the bilateral relations of Kazakhstan and Malaysia are developing in accordance with the achieved agreements on expansion of the trade and economic and investment. Within the visit of the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to Malaysia in April 2012 and an official visit of the Prime minister of Malaysia N. Razak to Kazakhstan in May 2014 on the basis of which the parties have agreed on the promotion of bilateral cooperation at the level of comprehensive partnership.

The relations between Astana and Kuala Lumpur are aimed in implementation of the joint and coordinated projects in the field of policy, economy, defense, culture, humanitarian and technical cooperation, education, ecology, information, health care.

In the framework of interparty cooperation, representatives of “NurOtan" party regularly participates as foreign guests in annual sessions of the General Assembly of the Joint Malayan national organization (JMNO, the leading party in the ruling coalition “National Front").

The contractual-legal base of the bilateral relations of Kazakhstan and Malaysia is very developed. The existing documents are regulated by a wide range of questions of bilateral cooperation, including trade and economic, scientific and technical, humanitarian, law-enforcement and other spheres. Cooperation on the international scene and mutual support are one of the important directions of the foreign policy of two countries. Kazakhstan and Malaysia have similar positions on urgent problems of the international relations (fight against the international terrorism and extremism, dialogue between the Muslim world and the West, creation of a fair system of trade and investments for developing countries, etc.). Astana and Kuala Lumpur are supporters of reforming of the UN and expansion of the structure of the Security Council, actively interact within OIC, CICA (Malaysia has the status of the observer), Dialogue of cooperation in Asia.

Trade-economic cooperation is an important component of bilateral cooperation.

Today, cooperatively with Malaysian companies and investors in the Republic of Kazakhstan have been implemented projects in the field of oil and gas, agricultural and construction for the total amount of 1 billion US dollars.

Investments: By the end of 2016 was marked significant dynamics of growth of foreign direct investment (FDI) from Malaysia to Kazakhstan. According to the National Bank, Malaysian FDI to the economy of Kazakhstan has accounted 12,5 million US dollars in 9 months of 2016. Major investments were made in the sphere of oil and gas, construction and infrastructure.

The dynamic of trade turnover: mutual trade has maintained 84 million US dollars in 2016 (2015 – 96,9mln. dollars), the share of Kazakhstan exports accounted 0,112 million US dollars, imports from Malaysia – 83,8 million US dollars.

Export structure of Kazakhstan: products from ferrous metals, geodesics and measuring devices, tools, a fitting for pipes.

Import structure of Kazakhstan: palm-oil, lubricants, rubber products, clothes, furniture, electro- technical goods and electronics, devices and spare parts.

Geographical distance of two countries and lack of convenient (in respect of the cost and logistics) transport ways remains asa restraining factor on the way of expansion of trade cooperation. Besides that, factors such as devaluation of tenge, relatively with the rise in the cost of foreign goods which imported into the Republic of Kazakhstan have influenced negatively in improvement of bilateral economic cooperation of two countries.

Mechanisms of bilateral trade and economic cooperation: 

According to the Trade agreement between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Malaysia in May 27 1996, has been established the Joint Trade and Economic Committee (JTEC). Chairman of JTEC from the side of Kazakhstan is the Minister of national economy T. Suleymenov, from Malaysian side – the Minister of international trade and industry M. Mohamed. (Currently, the possibility of holding the 3rd meeting of JTEC is planning in May 2017 in Malaysia).

Within the framework of the visit of the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev to Malaysia (in April 17-18, 2012) an agreement "On the establishment of the Joint Kazakhstan-Malaysian Business Council (BC)" was signed.

Chairman of the BC from the Kazakh side is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "TRANCO" G.Ihsan, from a Malaysian side - Independent Director of "Maybank ISLAMIC" D.Sardar. (The first meeting of the BC is scheduled during the 3rd meeting of the JTEC in Kuala Lumpur).

The Council aims to assist private companies and stakeholders in doing business in Kazakhstan and Malaysia, as well as to promote and popularize of goods and services in two markets.

As part of the "Plan of the nation - 100 concrete steps" the perspective directions of trade and economic cooperation are developing with Malaysia in the field of Islamic finance, halal-industry, oil and gas sector, tourism, infrastructure and construction projects, technological development and information and communication technologies and others.

Cooperation in the framework of the International Exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana on the development of "green" energy seems perspective. Today, actively developing cooperation with the research centers of the country within the framework of promoting the initiative about creation based on Expo of the International Centre UN for the development of "green technologies" and investment projects. On the platform of this project, there are prospects of expansion of cooperation with Malaysia in the field of tourism.

Kazakh-Malaysian cooperation in the cultural and humanitarian sphere is marked by high activity. In this direction, research and practice conferences, seminars and concerts of creative teams, music and cultural festivals are organized, also sporting events are held, which contribute to the spiritual rapprochement of the people of two countries.

A strong interaction is established between Kazakhstan and Malaysia in the sphere of education and science. An indicative example is the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in the field of (higher) education, in accordance with established Kazakh-Malaysian Joint Working Group (JWG) on higher education. Currently, around 1,5 thousand of Kazakhstan students studying in Malaysian universities.

In the National Library of Malaysia opened the Center of Kazakh literature in 2012.

Kazakhstan creative groups take an active part in the annual international folklore festival in Sabah «Sabah International Folklore Festival».

Kazakhstan's professional cycling team «Astana Pro Team» regularly participates in the Malaysian cycle multi-day race «Tour de Langkawi».

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