Kazakhstan’s position of Middle East settlement

Kazakhstan’s stands on Middle East Peace Process

Kazakhstan is highly interested in establishing lasting peace and stability in the Middle East that would produce huge amount of material and intellectual resources of countries of the region for a peaceful and creative work and mutually beneficial regional cooperation.
We support maximum use of all negotiation potential between Palestinians and Israelis to resolve existing problems. The ultimate goal of efforts of all parties involved should be restoration and promotion of peace process in all its directions in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions No. 242 and No. 338, the Madrid principles and the formula "the land in exchange for peace", fulfillment by all participants of the Middle East conflict the commitments stipulated by the peace settlement "Road map" plan as well as by recent agreements of the Annapolis Middle East Conference (27-28 November, 2007).
Kazakhstan supports the legitimate right of the Palestinian people for self-determination, and therefore stands for a fair solution of the problem of Palestinian refugees, creation of an independent State of Palestine and will not accept violent change of the demographic structure of the occupied Palestinian territories.
At the same time, Kazakhstan condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and, in this regard, supports the aspiration of Israel to live in security. Terrorist and extremist attacks bring to naught positive results achieved during a long-term Israeli and Palestinian negotiations. At the same time, struggle against terrorist groups should not lead to victims and suffering of the Palestinian peaceful population.
Kazakhstan is also committed to revival of the talks on the Syrian-Israeli issue and supports return of the occupied Golan Heights to Syria.
In general, Kazakhstan hopes that efforts of co-sponsors of the peace process, international and regional organizations as well as good will of negotiation process participants will lead to achievement of lasting and fair peace in the Middle East.

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