European group of friends of Kazakhstan visits the country’s sacred sites

NUR-SULTAN, August 12, 2019  The European group of friends of Kazakhstan spoke at a briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan about their unique Silk Road expedition across the Land of the Great Steppe, supported by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Austria and the Kazakh Geographic Society. 

The participants, who came to Kazakhstan for the first time, visited the epicenter of the nomadic civilization Ulytau, the state national nature park Altyn-Emel, the healing lake Alakol, and climbed the 1,133-meter-high Akmeshit peak.

The unique trip covering more than 4,000 km. also included a visit to the mausoleums of Jochi Khan, Dombaul, Alasha Khan and the mosques built by poet Abai Qunanbaiuly’s father in the 18th century. Being in the home country of the great poet, Vice-President of the Austrian-Kazakh Society, former President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Christine Muttonen, read out Qunanbaiuly’s poem ‘Summer’ in German.

During the two-week period, the travelers learned about Kazakhstan’s history and culture through archives and historical artifacts.

The guests were especially impressed by the surrounding nature, sacred places and the hospitality of local residents. A variety of national dishes and drinks, safari wildlife, the beauty of endless steppes and vast spaces will remain etched in the memory of our European friends.

The expedition was led by Magzhan Sagimbaev, a well-known Kazakh traveler, a member of the Kazakh Geographic Society, who conquered the South Pole, and wrote the book Two Wheeled Nomad. He is also one of the “100 new faces” of Kazakhstan.

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