Information on the results of state audit conducted by the Internal Audit Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2017

In accordance with the State audit objects list for 2017, approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Internal Audit Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (IAS MFA) has conducted 32 audits (compliance audits) of the foreign missions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2017and completed 3 audits in the departments of the MFA of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the results of audits, total amount of budget funds covered by the audit is 53 235,02 mln. KZT including total amount of detected violations –1 193,24 mln. KZT which looks as follows in the context of violations classification:

-Violations on flow of funds to the budget (revenues) in the amount of 20,83 mln. KZT;

- Violations during the usage of the budgetary funds and the state assets in the amount of 102,4 mln. KZT;

-Violations in accounting and financial reporting in the amount of 955,25mln.KZT;

- Violations on inefficient use of budgetary resources in the amount of 114,76 mln.KZT.

The amount to be reimbursed to the revenue of the republican budget is 45,07 mln. KZT and the amount to be restored in accounting 88,76 mln. KZT.

As of December 31, 2017, total 45,07 mln. KZT are returned to the state budget.

Internal audit reports, the Decisions on the remedy of violations and implementation of recommendations are sent to the objects of audit.

Based on the audit results administrative measures were taken against 4 officials and disciplinary measures were taken against 5 officials.

Due to the indications of criminal offense case file on 1 object were sent to the law-enforcement agencies, on which the judgment was rendered on this case.

The materials of the audit activities were timely sent to the authorized body for the formation of the Unified Database.

The IAS MFA employees took further retraining and advanced training courses in the 1st half of 2017 on “Theory and practice of risk management in governmental and non-governmental organizations”, “Audit of financial statements” and “The IAS performance evaluation (quality assessment)”.

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