Economic Aspects of Kazakh Diplomacy

In sphere of international economic cooperation Kazakhstan continues to follow a strategic course of deepening of integration into the world market and formatting of open national economy.

Significant participation of the Head of the state in a work of the World economic forum (WEF) about Near East, which took place in Charm al-sheikh according its results we’ve agreements on realization of some multi-billion economic projects.
The Kazakhstan delegation also had taken part in the first summit of WEF Europe - the Central Asia, which was recently (30th of October – 1st November) in Istanbul. Next year we would draw again attention of world business community to our country which in the third time becomes a place of carrying out of Eurasian summit WEF.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues a work on assistance to the process of introduction of Kazakhstan in the World Trade Organization. Negotiations with two of, so-called, countries of "the big four» - Canada and Australia are finished, there was a rapprochement of positions on general system questions with the USA and EU. At the present stage necessity of a choice of one of scenarios of introduction of Kazakhstan for the WTO taking into account prospects of membership in regional integration associations was distinctly designated.
Cooperation with the international financial and economic organizations and development institutes are conducted in operating regime, mutual visits have got regular and concrete character, the number of invited loans, their conformity to the priority purposes of social, economic and industrially-innovative development of the country have increased.
Systematic preparation for the 18th sessions of General Assembly of the World tourist organization on autumn of the next year in Astana is conducted.
At the same time, we call state structures and the national companies to use more a wide experience and potential of economic structures of the United Nations, including the Organization on industrial development (UNIDO), Conference on trade and development (UNCTAD), the Commission on UN international trade right (UNCITR). The works, which were begun in this year on opening of regional centre of UNIDO in Kazakhstan became the important step for development of practical cooperation.
As the one of dynamically developing exporters of energy resources our country has declared itself as the active participant of efforts of the world community on maintenance of energy safety. Next year practical steps on realization of initiatives of the Head of state about working out within the limits of the UN Global energy ecological strategy and acceptance of the Eurasian pact of stability of energy deliveries will be undertaken. A growing role of Kazakhstan in the international cooperation, including, in business of rendering assistance to development have caused necessity of formation of the national mechanism of rendering of the economic help to the foreign states. We’ve already begun the appropriate work directed on increase of efficiency and giving systematic character to the international activity of Kazakhstan in the field of assistance to development.
According to the order of the Head of state, overcoming of consequences of world economic and financial crisis for Kazakhstan is defined as the basic agenda of work of the Government for 2009-2010. Therefore taking into account the passing the crisis events in world economic and a financial system the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to assist realization of the national purposes of industrially-innovative development, increase of competitiveness of the country, modernization of economy, advancement of interests and protection of the domestic capital abroad in the changed conditions.

Created at : 10.12.2013, 15:37, Updated at : 9.05.2014, 13:12