The Diplomatic Herald 1 2018

The Diplomatic Herald 1 (.pdf)

Kairat ABDRAKHMANOV's article "The Diplomatic Herald of Kazakhstan in the New Season"

Kairat UMAROV's article "Kazakhstan's Presidency of the United Nations Security Council: a Success of Global Diplomacy by the Leader of the Nation"

Erzhan KAZYKHANOV's article "Outcomes of the Official Visit of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the United States"

George A. KROL's article "Success through Innovation: Our Enhanced U.S.-Kazakhstan Strategic Partnership"

Roman VASSILENKO's article "Kazakhstan and the European Union: 25 Years from Establishment of Relations to Full-Fledged Partnership"

Zhanibek IMANALIYEV's "CSTO: Ensuring National Security of Kazakhstan through Collective Cooperation Instruments"

Kairat SARYBAY's article "Disarmament Policy: Important Resource of Kazakh Diplomacy"

Aidarbek TUMATOV's article "A Year since the Start of the Astana Process on Syria: Its Outcomes and Assessments"

Sanat KUSHKUMBAYEV's article "Kazakh Presidency in the UN Security Council: Focus on Central Asia and Afghanistan"

Talgat ZHUMAGULOV's article Rukhani Zhangyru Programme in Kazakhstan's Foreign Policy

Rauan KENZHEKHANULY's article "Digital Diplomacy and Promotion of Kazakhstan's Interests in Virtual World"

Anuar AYAZBEKOV's article "Institute of Diplomacy of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Yesterday. Today.Tomorrow"

Yerzhan KISTAFIN's article "About the Activity of the Association of Kazakh Diplomats"

Zhalgas ADILBAYEV's article "Ambassador Nazir Torekulov and Diplomatic Relations between the Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia"

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