​Public Council approves a report on the activities of the MFA of Kazakhstan

On May 29, the regular meeting of the Public Council on the activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan was held under the chairmanship of the deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan Byrganym Aitimova, which approved the report on the Ministry's activities.

During the meeting, Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov addressed the Council with a detailed report on the current work of the Ministry. The regular report of the Minister was devoted to the development of trade and economic diplomacy, as well as support to Kazakh businesses abroad.

In particular, it was noted that in its activities the Ministry is guided by the instructions of the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev to strengthen the "economization" of foreign policy outlined in the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy, the "100 concrete steps" plan for implementing five institutional reforms, the President's Address to the people Kazakhstan in "New Global Reality: Growth, Reforms, Development" and "Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness". "At the same time," the minister stressed, "bilateral and multilateral relations in the trade and economic sphere are built exclusively on the principles of mutual benefit and firm upholding the fundamental national interests of Kazakhstan." Between 2005 and 2016, around $250 billion of foreign direct investment was attracted to Kazakhstan, including $20.6 billion over the past year, said Mr Abdrakhmanov.

The head of the department highlighted the interaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with representatives of diplomatic missions of foreign countries, whose goal is the development of direct contacts between the foreign diplomatic corps and the business community of Kazakhstan.

Protection and support of the rights of Kazakh businesses abroad were noted as being among the most important priorities in the work of the foreign policy department. "In general, in recent times," Mr Abdrakhmanov noted, "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has processed appeals of a number of Kazakhstan companies with requests for promotion of exports or attraction of investments. Among them there are LLP Kainar-AKB, JSC NC Kazakhstan karysh sapary RSE Kazspetsexport, JSC Aktyubinsk plant of oil equipment, LLP KazGer-Құs, JSC Semey engineering JSC" ZKMK, LLP Milk stories and others.

At the request of the public, Mr Abdrakhmanov informed about the results of the four rounds of the Astana process on Syria, as well as the prospects for the settlement of the conflict. According to the minister, Astana is a sought-after negotiation platform, on which the international community pins special hope. Kazakhstan continues close cooperation with the guarantor countries of the Astana process. The next round is scheduled for mid-July, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said.

During the meeting, reports were heard on the results of the work of the Council in key areas. In particular, the President of the Internet Union "Internet Association of Kazakhstan" Shavkat Sabirov and Deputy Foreign Minister Roman Vasilenko made presentations on the information and image direction of the Public Council. Alim Kirabayev, Director of the Foreign Policy Analysis and Forecasting Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made a report on the results of the implementation of the expert-analytical work unit.

There was particular interest in the report of the Director of the Consular Service Ardak Madiev, who dwelled in detail on the mechanisms of assistance to the citizens of Kazakhstan. In particular, the current work on the transfer of public services to electronic format, measures to optimize the processes, reduce the time for rendering services and a list of required documents was noted. In general, the department provides 14 public services, including three services directly at the center in Astana, two - in the center and overseas institutions, nine - in overseas institutions. In 2016, the diplomatic service provided 347,400 state services. At the suggestion of the Council Chairman B. Aitimova, the issue of interaction of the MFA with the citizens of the country became an obligatory topic on the agenda of each meeting of the Public Council and will be considered on a permanent basis.

Mr Madiyev focused in detail on the issues of the adoption of Kazakh children by foreign citizens. It should be noted that the supervision of children sent for adoption to foreigners is carried out by foreign institutions and the authorized body in the field of protecting the rights of children of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The head of the consular service identified a number of obstacles that make it difficult to control, including legislation on the protection of personal data in some countries, which does not allow for the enforcement of coercive control. In this regard, a number of mechanisms have been launched to address this problem, such as the adoption of new rules on the registration of foreigners wishing to adopt children who are citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, introducing amendments to the Law "On Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan", which fixes the child's preservation until his majority Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in case of adoption by foreigners and others

The member of the Council, the tutor and the employee of the Center for International Law of JSC "KAZGUU University" Liliya Ispenbetova and the Director of the International Legal Department of the MFA of the RK Aset Isetov presented the results of joint work on the preparation of the detailed research report on the state of the international legal base of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This work is carried out within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the MFA of RK and JSC "KAZGUU University", signed during the previous meeting of the Council in January this year.

It should also be noted that the structure of the Public Council has been updated. This month, it included Senate Deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Dariga Nazarbayeva, Advisor to the President of JSC NC

Kazakhstan Temir Zholy - Bolat Nurgaliyev, Editor-in-chief of the Vremya newspaper - Lev Tarakov, Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the Leader of the Nation - Timur Shaymergenov, as well as the director of KISI under the President of Kazakhstan, Zarema Shaukenova.

The next meeting of the Public Council on the activities of the MFA of the Republic of Kazakhstan is scheduled for autumn 2017.

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