Next International High-level Meeting on Syria within the Astana Process

The 12th International high-level meeting on Syria within the framework of the Astana process to be held in Nur-Sultan on April 25-26.

Similarly, with the previous rounds of the inter-Syrian talks, the upcoming meeting will be attended by delegations of the guarantor states - Iran, Russia and Turkey, Syrian Government and armed opposition groups in Syria, as well as the UN and Jordan as observers.

The next round of talks is expected to discuss the most pressing Syrian issues, including the current situation on the ground, particularly, in the province of Idlib and in northeastern Syria, measures to continue building confidence between the conflicting parties, facilitating the return of refugees and internally displaced persons, improvement of the humanitarian situation and post-conflict reconstruction of the country. Furthermore, the provisional agenda includes the discussion of ways to advance the political process with a focus on finalizing the formation and launch of the Constitutional Committee, as well as the joining of new observer states to the negotiation process.

Bilateral and trilateral consultations of the guarantors of the Astana process and meetings with representatives of the observer parties to be held on April 25, and a plenary session – on April 26.

Moreover, as part of the IMSA-12, it is planned to hold the 8th session of the Working Group on the Release of Detainees/Abductees and Handover of the Bodies as well as the Identification of Missing Persons, which will be attended by representatives of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Committee of the Red Cross.


Created at : 17.04.2019, 02:05, Updated at : 17.04.2019, 02:05