​Kitap.kz Generates Global Interest in Kazakh Literature

Two years ago, the First President of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev presented the article 'Course towards the Future: Modernization of Kazakhstan's Identity', where he outlined several projects designed to promote the spiritual modernization in Kazakhstan.

In order to implement the foreign policy tasks set, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is promoting Kazakhstan's cultural heritage, including popularizing the Kazakh language abroad and arranging press tours for foreign journalists.

Among these projects is the creation of a special section in the kitap.kz online library, publishing digitized works of Kazakh literature, translated into various languages. Currently, the website contains 64 books in 18 foreign languages. The online library has generated increasing interest in Kazakh culture, as evidenced by the many thousands of daily visits to the website by foreign users. There is ongoing work on new content for the website.

The task is not only to show what Kazakhstan offers culturally, but also to understand how the foreign community currently views the country's rich culture, to determine what will be of the greatest global interest. The goal of the project is to promote Kazakh culture on the world stage, increase its visibility, and open new horizons for its further development.

The rich history and great potential of Kazakhstan's culture should become one of the leading factors in the ongoing development of the country's positive international image.

Created at : 12.04.2019, 12:00, Updated at : 12.04.2019, 12:00