Economic cooperation

The foundations of trade cooperation were laid during the visits of the Head of State to Athens in July 2001 and August 2004.

On the economic track, projects are being implemented in such sectors as construction and engineering, medicine and rehabilitation, and cosmetology.

Greece is one of the markets for Kazakhstan's goods. The basis of Kazakhstan's exports are crude oil and crude oil (about 91%) obtained from bituminous remaining about 9% - raw aluminum (about 50 tons).

From Greece, Kazakhstan imports medicines and vitamins, aluminum foil, elevators, tobacco, kiwi and mandarins, pipes, cosmetics, olive oil and peaches.

Foreign trade turnover of Kazakhstan with Greece for 2016 was $ 886 million. The bilateral trade turnover for the year 2015 was $ 1.39 billion.

In September 2016 the first Kazakh-Greek business forum was organized in Astana, in which 70 companies from Kazakhstan and Greece took part and 2 memorandums were signed in the field of investments into the Kazakhstan economy.

In order to maintain the dynamics of trade cooperation, at the end of 2016 the 3rd meeting of the intergovernmental commission for economic and technological cooperation was held in Astana.

One example of cooperation is the work of the Greek engineering company Semarco, which provided engineering services for the development of offshore field facilities in Kazakhstan, developed engineering and design documentation for the support base of the Kalamkas-More oil and gas field in the North Caspian Sea of the Kazakhstan sector.

Semarco also developed a project for the effective construction of a marine structure with the maximum use of local content and the Mangistau region. One of the last major projects of the Greek company is active participation in the restoration of the port of Aktau.

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